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Minnesota Hockey District 1

2022 - 2023 Fee Explanation

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Thank You to the volunteers who helped to make this years Regional successful!


March 3, 4 & 5 Minnesota Hockey 15U A Regional.





End Boards Contact, Side by Side

“Unacceptable” and “Acceptable” behavior.

The game situations in both sides of the clip are almost identical. However, the actions and results of the attacking players couldn’t be more different. Breaking it down frame by frame (not that we have that luxury on the ice), you notice the different characteristics between the attackers as they engage the opponent,

  • Stick position (low vs. high)
  • Foot position (directed at opponent vs. turning with opponent)
  • Head position & vision (aimed at opponent’s body vs. aimed at the puck)


Obviously, one play resulted in a goal and We've spared you from the pointless “drama” the other hit resulted in. Bottom line, good things happen when you focus on the puck and negative things happen when you over-focus on the opponent’s body.